Burst Beads Tobacco Flavor Natural Cigarette Crush Ball Capsule cigarette flavor capsule

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●Safety:100% food grade

●Flavors:More than 75 Flavors and accept customization

●Packing:Customized packaging according to your needs.

●Transport:Mature freight forwarder, arrived safely-We have MSDS certificate


Our capsules are 100% safe and contain natural flavors. Our capsules contain NO silicone!-The capsule shell is made of gelatin, thanks to which the capsules are natural, without chemicals such as silicone.

If you are a connoisseur of intense flavors, the capsules are just the thing for you! Thanks to the bullets, every burning cigarette becomes a unique discovery.

The product is completely, only natural oils.

Use the attached stick to attach the ball to the filter. which is suitable for conventional cigarettes. You CLICK and enjoy the essence of your favorite aroma that stays from start to finish.

Delivery content: The pack contains 100 peppermint candies (capsules).

Product Name Cigarette capsule
Size 1.5-5mm (hot sale:2.8mm-3.3mm)
Efficacy Fresh breath, fresh and refreshing, remove bad breath
Usage Reduce the smell of smoking and increase the fun of smoking.
Flavors We have 75 flavors and support customized flavors
Material Pure natural in food grade
Package 100 balls/small box, 20 boxes/big box and customize
Samples We would like to provide samples with you
3.Product flavor

Other Flavor-you can choose as your need and we accept customizing. If you want more information,please contact us!

There are many application scenarios for burst beads, see below for details:

Put it in the mouth cover-fresh breath and refreshing

Couple dating-Fresh breath

Business Cooperation-Fresh and refreshing

Social activities-Remove bad breath

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Shijiazhuang DaYang Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016,located in Hebei Province. DaYang specialized in researching producing and distributing cigarette  like Cigarette Capsule,Capsule Pusher,Herb Grinder,Smoking Rolling Paper,Hookah  and so on.

At present , our products have been exported to Europe,the Middle East,Southeast Asia,the United States, Latin America,South America,Australia and other countries and regions.

We will be a Chinese partner that make you proud , and we make efforts to provide you with professional and timely service.Look forward to establishing a good faith and friendly relationship with you.

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